The Night of Nights


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While most students look forward to the end of the school year, it’s a bittersweet time for seniors.

Madison Freeman, ENN Staff

As the end of the year approaches, many Lake Ridge students are preparing summer. However, this time of the year can be bittersweet for seniors as they prepare for prom, graduation, and the steps they are taking to enter the real world.

As seniors are preparing for prom in the coming weeks, many reflect on how long they have been looking forward to the special event as well as tying up all loose ends on the plans that they have for the special night. Senior, Kyla Hockett, has been waiting for her prom for as long as she can remember and is excited that the once in a lifetime event is almost here.

“I’m excited for prom, senior skip day, and graduation because these are the biggest events and the most pivotal events. You hear about all these events growing up and it’s finally my turn to experience it, so I’m just hoping it’s going to be fun,” Hockett said.

As the year finishes, many seniors look forward to the next steps that they will take after graduation. Hockett already knows what she wants to do when she graduates and takes the next steps in her life.

“After high school, I plan to go to college at Howard University and major in computer science. I think that these senior events will make my high school experience more exciting and memorable,” Hockett said.

Between prom, senior skip day, and graduation many seniors are excited to wrap up their senior year on a high note. Many feel as though these events will stay with them and provide them memories for a lifetime. Senior, Madison Martinez, is glad to be able to have a fun and unique experience at prom.

¨I’m most excited for prom because it gives me a reason to dress up and look nice. I haven’t really been looking forward to prom for too long but since the second semester started, the excitement has really started to build up. I think these events will be a fun way to wrap up my high school career. Especially since I wasn’t able to do much because of the COVID year,” Martinez said.

As seniors enter the real world, they have a lot to look forward to but that doesn’t stop them from also being nervous and having some anxiety about being on their own. Martinez thinks that graduating will have both positive and negative effects.

“I look forward to meeting new people in college and getting the opportunity to network in general as well as finding the perfect job for me. I’m nervous about being on my own and having so much independence as well as having to pay bills,” said Martinez.

Some seniors have a strong case of “senioritis” and are just waiting for this school year to be over. There is eagerness to start college and leave high school forever. Senior, Daniel Adedji, is looking forward to the end of the year events but is also eager to start his life.

“I’m excited for prom, to look nice, and to have a fun night but I’m really just excited to graduate and be on my own at college. I’m going to Texas Tech to major in computer science and gain more freedom,” Adedji said.

While many seniors are looking forward to prom and other end of the year events not all seniors feel the same excitement. Senior, Emanuel Parker, does not plan to go prom because the dance does not appeal to him and he wants to save money.

“I’m not going to prom because it never seemed really fun to me and it would be really expensive for me to go. I don’t really think I’ll be missing out on anything and it will allow me to spend my money on things that are more important to me or save for college,” said Parker.

All in all, the school year coming to an end has a large impact on seniors as they move on with their lives and enter into adulthood. The end of the year is here and many seniors are waiting to wrap up the year and build more memories about their high school experience.