Lake Ridge’s First Official Homecoming Dance

For the first time in Lake Ridge history, a homecoming dance is finally happening. In addition to the annual Homecoming football game; the PTA is hosting a dance on the following day from 7pm to 10pm with ticket prices of $20.  There have been futile attempts of having the event in the past. Student Council teacher, Hannah Stinson explains the reluctance in scheduling dances.

“Nobody bought tickets. Historically, we have not done well with selling tickets to dances. There is always a lot of talk about wanting dances, but not a whole lot of follow through with the students who want to attend. Last year we did a winter formal, out of 2800 kids we had 135 buy tickets,” said Stinson.

Shortly before homecoming, competitions like the hallway contest occur. It entails classes going against each other in a battle of decoration. Culinary teacher, Ann Guffey was in charge of the Freshmen who won previously in the competition. This year, she is working with the PTA and is playing a big role in this homecoming dance.

“Homecoming is a big deal. This homecoming is a Hollywood theme. We are working to get so many decorations to transform the gym. PTA is working with me and we got a DJ. We wanted to start a new tradition and make it awesome for the students because you guys have never had a dance [during homecoming],” stated Guffey.

Guffey is disappointed in regards to her own high school experience with homecoming, but wishes to make the homecoming dance something special for people to come to.

“I only went to one homecoming in high school because I only got asked out once. I wish I would have been one of those people that did not care if I didn’t have a date. I did not have enough confidence to just go when I was a high school kid. I want you guys to not miss out like I did,” said Guffey.

Sophomore, Janelle Ursino is eager for this year’s dance and recommends for students to go whether they have a date or not.

“Last year they had classes do homecoming dances. I didn’t go because for one, it was kind of hard to keep track of times and dates. There was a freshman, sophomore, junior, and a senior one so it was all over the place. I regret it because everybody told me how fun it was. Missing this homecoming dance would be sad. You do not have to have a date, just go in with friends. It’ll be a super cool experience,” stated Ursino.

School spirit days during homecoming week will pertain more to the Hollywood theme such as ‘movie character day’ where you dress up as a character from a film or franchise. However, not all students gravitate towards school endorsed activities. For instance, Junior, Abumere Ehizokhale believes that not attending the school dance is not something he will be missing out on.

“I have never really gone to school dances. I’m not really a school spirit person. I don’t think people like me will be missing out necessarily. If you don’t want to go then I don’t think you’re going to miss anything. People talk about it and treat it like it’s some crazy thing. I’d say it’s an over-hyped experience,” said Ehizokhale. 

Although he is running for homecoming king, Senior, Kenneth Turnipseed does not find reason to go to the dance, yet urges students to go if they think they will enjoy themselves.

“It’s different for everybody. If you have a partner and you just want to go with them, absolutely you should go. If you have some friends that you are going to hangout with, definitely. If you are in my position where you do not have anything to gain from it; aside from having 20 dollars less in your bank account–then not really,” stated Turnipseed.

Guffey urges students to go regardless if they have a date. This way students can experience the first ever homecoming dance in Lake Ridge’s history, that she and the PTA organized.

“Just come to have a freakin’ blast. It does not matter if you have a date or not. Most people don’t have a date. They are just coming with their friends. I encourage people not to miss out,” said Guffey.