McCarthy Makes a Change

The Cowboys said out with the old and in with the new as they made a change at head coach.

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The Cowboys said out with the old and in with the new as they made a change at head coach.

Margo Eugenio , ENN Staff

8-8. Eight wins and eight losses. The Dallas Cowboys season came to a close against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 22, 2019 with a 17-9 loss. The loss sparked major controversy as fans pleaded for a new head coach. The loss must have sealed the deal for that argument because on Sunday, December 29, 2019, the Dallas Cowboys officially confirmed the firing of head coach, Jason Garrett. As the days passed, reports started buzzing as to who would be the new Dallas Cowboys head coach. On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, the Dallas Cowboys officially reported that a new head coach had been hired. Mike McCarthy, former Green Bay Packers coach, signed on for a 5 year contract, making him the ninth coach in Dallas Cowboys history. The former Packers coach won a Super Bowl with his team in 2011. Although the Super Bowl win isn’t the only credit to his name, McCarthy compiled an accomplishing record of 125 wins, 77 losses, and 2 ties over the span of his nearly 13 years with the Wisconsin team. Additionally, he made nine playoff appearances and went to 4 NFC Championship games. It is not wrong to say that the Cowboys have the potential for a real, positive change with their new leader. While a new head coach has been long awaited for Cowboys fans, questions of how he will change and affect the Cowboys’ playbook have started to come up. 

According to an article published by USA Today in January 2020, McCarthy plans on revamping the entirety of the team’s defense but plans on keeping the offense relatively the same. His potential  for making a real change with the team has created many questions among Cowboys fans of how much he is going to change things and how the change in leadership will affect the team. Junior, Sarah Cole, believes that a change in leadership, in any regard, can for the most part, be a beneficial thing for any group or organization. 

“In any respect really, but especially for the Dallas Cowboys, a change in leadership can be an especially good thing. New leadership brings a fresh perspective to a group and provides the room for potential growth. I do think if a new leader changes things too quickly without proper preparation, it can lead to an increased risk of failure, but in the case of the Dallas Cowboys, they have nearly a year to prepare for the 2020-2021 season,” Cole said. 

Despite the possibility for major readjustments within the organization, longtime fans of the team are looking forward to seeing Mike McCarthy as head coach. The seasoned individual provides a more optimistic light, as opposed to Jason Garrett’s 85-67 career record with the Dallas team. Freshman, Owen Wyatt, admits he is looking forward to the upcoming season with McCarthy. 

“I am really excited for the upcoming season for the Dallas Cowboys. I have been patiently waiting for a replacement head coach for some time now, so now that the team finally has one, I am very happy. I think that the team is at a point where they can only improve,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt is not the only one with high hopes for the new season, though. Junior, Katie Johnson, is also anxiously waiting for the new season. Johnson admits that this past season was difficult to watch, but is hoping for an improved team. 

“This past season was difficult; it was disappointing. The team has the talent and has the potential, but they haven’t had the right person making the calls. With the new head coach, I am hoping that the team can pull themselves together and make a playoff appearance,” Johnson said. 

A change in leadership provides a strong and encouraging potential for major developments within any team or organization. Cowboys fans have a lot to be excited and anxious for in their upcoming season.