Splashing into State!


Carly Garcia, ENN Staff

Did someone say state? The Lake Ridge swim went to state where they partook in multiple different races and events. During state the swimmers have to be careful about with everything they do so slower and more calm practices help prepare their bodies for the rigors of competition. The team competed in individual as well as team events. Senior, Ava Topolewski is pleased with how she did in her events. 

“I personally placed 3rd in the 500 yard and also placed 4th in the 100 yard fly so I’m pretty happy about my achievements because at the end of the day I was doing what I loved,” said Topolewski.

This may not have been the first time in Lake Ridge history that the swim has been to state but it is the first time they have taken a boys relay. The boys trained all the way up until state, then the week after toned things down so they could give their bodies a chance to relax and recover. At the meet senior, Shawn Mohensi, placed 3rd in the 100 back, 11th in the 200 IM, and 12th in the relay which are all school records. 

“What we placed for state was super impressive on our end because not only were they school records but it was the first time the boys got a relay, but just to know all our work paid off was the main thing we were all super proud of,” said Mohensi.

The swimmers are all very close to each other and spend about 4 hours a day together. The night before they left for state the swimers had a “pasta pastry” meal where they gathered to talk and eat lots of carbs. The seniors on the team have been going to state since their freshman year at Lake Ridge, so for some it wasn’t as nerve wracking an experience. Senior, Ryen Bosuro, feels she was prepared because she had the experience of going to state in previous years.

“Going to state was tons of fun, we were super nervous but there wasn’t much to do to prepare for me, I normally just trust my training or I get too much into my head, but overall I think the team overall did good,” said Bosuro

Head Swim coach Blake Kahla describes this season as memorable because of the effort his swimmers displayed. Even with all the school delays and weather cancellations they still managed to have a great season. 

“Our team swam great, the girls finished in 8th place in the women’s division which was a huge success and I wouldn’t change a thing about state, I think they did great,” said Kahla.