Students dance and cheer at first DJMS pep rally of year


Cheerleaders jumped and cartwheeled as the sound of trumpets boomed throughout the gymnasium Oct. 12, signaling the start of Danny Jones Middle School’s first prep rally of the year.

The prep rally was exciting for many students, including seventh grader Daniella Sanchez.

“It was really fun to watch.” Sanchez said. “It made me laugh.”

The event showcased many acts like dance routines and cheerleader stunts.

“They were lit to be honest,” seventh grader Benjamin Smith said. “There was basketball going on. There were all types of dances, cheerleaders, and everything.

Several of these acts, like the dances, took many weeks to prepare for.

“We used our choreography and put it together into one dance,” Laila Gamble, a seventh grader and a member of the dance team, said. “It was practice, practice, practice everyday.”

Story by Hannah Van. Photos by Lance Ubay