Seventh-Graders Choose Classes For Next Year

Many seventh-graders at Danny Jones MS are excited for the upcoming year. In February, students made a schedule for next year in eighth grade.

Some seventh-graders are preparing for next year and already have some specific classes they plan to focus more on.

“I will focus on algebra and history the most because they will be pretty hard,” seventh-grader Myla Huynh said.

Health seems to be the class a lot of students are looking forward to also. Many students have chosen health as one of their top classes for the next year.

“I’ve been excited about health to learn more on the topic,” seventh-grader Keenan Buckler said.

Eighth grade seems to have more opportunities and more options for choosing electives. The current seventh-graders are looking forward to next year.

“I’m excited for eighth grade but I think it will be harder than this year,” Huynh said.

Other students are looking forward to performing arts for next year.

“I’m very excited to try theater next year. I enjoy performing,” seventh-grader Nguyen said.