Kennedy Takes Charge at DJMS


Sharlonda Kennedy became principal of Danny Jones Middle School over the summer. 

Kennedy and other staff members have come up with several ways to protect the school such as one-way hallways, three person bathroom limits, sanitizing stations, spaced out classrooms, and the option of online classes.

“Our goal is for the students to come in and have fun,” she said. “We want you to have a great educational experience while you are at Danny Jones,”.

Sara Law has been a teacher at Danny Jones for 17 years and has worked with both Kennedy and Danny Jones former principal, Travis Moore.

Meetings under Kennedy have become more purposeful, according to Law. Instead of sitting around, meetings are started on time, and staff discuss ways to improve the school. 

“She stays pretty calm, cool, and collected during a crisis,” Law said. “She’s a first year principal and she handles it like a boss.”

Near the beginning of the year, Danny Jones was short nine cameras for their teachers. Kennedy went to MISD Technology and said “I’m not leaving until I have at least nine cameras for my teachers,” according to assistant principal David Hodgson. 

Hodgson said there were a number of people interested in the position. There are usually 100 to 200 people that apply for the job and only around eight get interviewed. 

“She’s really helped us organize things, and get ready for the challenges with COVID-19,” Hodgson said.

This is Kennedy’s first time as a middle school principal. She and the administration spent weeks getting the building ready for students. 

“I wouldn’t say that I am scared,” Kennedy said, “but I am definitely pretty nervous.”