DJMS Band Goes Virtual

Some students are taking Band class virtually at Danny Jones this year due to COVID-19.

Band teacher Jennifer Sanders likes virtual classes because she feels like everybody is together. Many students are playing in Band for the first time. 

“They come individually to practice,” she said. “When I  can’t be there in person to help a student I feel frustrated because I have never had to teach like this before.”

Band teacher Megan Foster said online teaching is harder because she can’t hear all students at once.

“I prefer in-person learning,” she said. “It’s hard for online because you can’t hear everyone and see their faces at the same time because some people have trouble with their cameras.”

Foster said that doing individual work is also easy because she can see what the class is playing and how they play it.

“You can hear all the instruments they play even though it’s online learning,” she said. 

Seventh-grader Ella Beason feels like it’s harder to be virtual than in person.

“I would rather be in-person, but because of the situation I can’t,” she said.  “There are a lot of pros and cons but it’s okay for now.”