Students, Staff Set New Years Resolutions

It’s finally 2021, a new start where people all over the world grab their pencils and paper to write their new goals for the year. 

Coach Bethany Neufeldt said her New Years goal is to go undefeated in basketball. Her athletes are what’s pushing her to accomplish this goal.

“The way I can reach this goal is I could just listen to my girls more,” she said.

According to, New Year’s Eve ranks fourth on Americans’ list of favorite holidays, with 41% of the population calling it their favorite.

Seventh-grader Jasen Moore said he wants to become a better athlete in 2021.

“I want to become a better athlete, so I can continue playing in college,” he said.

According to Forbes, approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail.

Seventh-grader Donoven Sayachack said that his parents help motivate him to achieve his goals.

“I’m focusing on one goal,” he said, “and my parents, they just set me up.”

Eighth-grader Brody Horsak, said  he just wants better grades and wants to make a change for himself.

“I just want to change for the better plus if I get good grades I might be rewarded,” he said.