Green is Sus: Students Play ‘Among Us’ During Free Time

The lights went out and I knew it was a trap. I had one task left so I ran to the reactor before anyone died at electrical. I did my task and the victory screen appeared as I heard my friend scream “Argh, I really lost?!”

Among Us, a murder-mystery style game, took the world by storm in late 2020. In the game, crewmates must find who among them is an imposter without getting killed and while doing tasks. This simplicity has made the game fun and easy to play for people to enjoy and watch.

The game was released in 2018 and has been trending and blasting through the media, YouTube, and elsewhere.

Among Us is a multiplayer game where people can play with their friends.

Seventh-grader Janeen Alansari said that she played the game all the time because she can play with her friends.

“Among Us is a really fun game because you can play with other people  and have fun,”  she said. “It’s also fun because I can eliminate other players and win.”

Sometimes the other players are the ones that can make the game frustrating.

Lauren Schultz, a senior at Fossil Ridge High School, just got into the game last year as a way to spend time during the pandemic and likes the interactive aspect of the game, but gets frustrated with online players that like to cover their friends.

“There are those that just play the game and follow the unspoken rules,” she said. “Then there are those players that like to chime in and actively work against you and be trolls and throw you under the bus for no reason. It can make it annoying sometimes.”

Among Us has gained the attention of the public through people broadcasting the game through streaming services. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped set a Twitch record playing Among Us.

Amanda Huynh, a seventh-grader who played the game before it became famous, said she didn’t expect the sudden popularity to happen.

“My reaction was I didn’t see it coming,” she said. “The game had a cool concept but it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. I played with some of my friends in early quarantine, and we did a voice call together and had a lot of fun. I played frequently at first, but I played less and less as it got tiring and repetitive.”

Some players think Among Us seems to be played a bit too much and has become overrated .

Kyle Ratliff, freshman at Lake Ridge HS, considers the game played out.

“The game was already played out within three months from when it became a trend.” he said, “ I think this is because the game was repetitive without any updates coming in.”

Promise Obiorah, a very experienced gamer, loves playing games, including Among Us.

“I like it when I play it with people that I know and play it in other games/versions too, but now it’s very overrated. They barely update it, and they also wait for it to be dead to update it. I used to like it so much in my first round, so I think some people should try it for a while,” he said.