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HOCO Dress Out Week

Courtesy of STUCO.

 A big event for the students and teachers was the dress-out week for homecoming last week. There were many participants, including teachers. Everyone had a great time, and it was a great way to celebrate homecoming. It was an excellent opportunity for students and teachers alike to come together and have some fun.

It was a great experience for both students and teachers to dress up for dress-out days. As a result, they were able to show their school spirit and dress-out days were also a great opportunity for students to express themselves. Freshman Bianca Hazzard Lee felt everyone had school spirit.

“Everything gave school spirit and it was fun to see everybody’s outfits,” said Hazzard Lee.

Some dress-out days were more popular with students than others, like Spirit Day or Fitness Day. Several students, including Freshman Zauria Hill, preferred to dress on last Thursday in the style of their favorite music decade. Many students picked the ’90s era to dress as.

“For decades I did a disco 90s vibes by doing my hair poofy and outfit with swirls,” said Hill.

Most students didn’t participate in dress-out week, even though some students dressed out for each day of the week. Most of the students didn’t dress out. However, some students felt disappointed with the amount of students that didn’t dress out. Freshman Maiyah Woods felt a similar way about everyone dressing out.

“I feel like more people could participate in the days,” said Woods.

Teachers were also able to participate in the week since many teachers were born in the ’90s and 2000s  decade day was a really fun day for them so they got to go back in time. Chamillia Hervey, who is the ceramics teacher for all classes at the school, was one of the teachers who got to experience that first-hand.

“It was an experience. So I brought out some things from when I was probably in elementary school in the early 90s.” Hervey said. “I was born in 87, so I remember the styles and the fashions from there. it was nice to relive all that,” said Hervey.

Dressing out is an enjoyable experience, but it may cause problems in class or distract others. Hervey thinks that it is not a distraction, but many teachers think it is.

“ I don’t think it’s a distraction, it’s a way to build morale at the school and to have fun while you’re here,” Hervey said. “We’re here for learning, but I think it’s also good to have that community and social aspect.”

As a result of the student council’s efforts and a lot of time, the students and teachers were able to have an amazing week. They did their best this week to prepare and decide what to do for the students this week based on all the information they received. As a part of the council, one of the students, Junior Reese Talton the student council treasurer, was involved in making the dress-up days in the school possible.

“A lot of time goes into planning the school thing so firstly we asked the students what they want to do this year and then we write it down and then we send that list to Ms. Alloway,” Talton said. “Then Ms. Alloway tells us what we can and we cannot do for those sorts of days.”

Talton expressed how she feels about the participation in this year’s dress week. 

“I think we had a  better turnout than we did last year and our freshman year so I think we did better this year,” said Talton.

all in all, this year’s dress-out week for homecoming week was a lot of fun and a pleasant experience for most people involved. The students and staff had a great time and it was a great way to bring everyone together. 

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