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A Celebration to Honor


Veterans Day is a holiday made to honor veterans and acknowledge their service to America. It is widely celebrated in schools across the district with students in JROTC performing in assemblies, ceremonies, and parades across schools. Services are also provided for veterans, such as an honorary breakfast. These celebrations can make veteran staff feel appreciated.

ROTC students have been at the forefront of many Veterans Day celebrations. They travel to different schools to participate in ceremonies and parades to honor veterans. Lieutenant Colonel retired Aricai Berry finds that these celebrations are a good way for ROTC students to get involved.

“It’s a good opportunity for the kids to get out and serve the community. For Veterans Day they performed in the Danny Jones Veterans Day Program, the TCC Veterans Day program, McKinzey Middle School Veterans Day Program, and the Lake Ridge Highschool Veterans Day Program,” said Berry.

The students in ROTC prepare far in advance for all of their Veterans Day celebrations. Extensive practice and drilling are commonplace before these programs, and Senior Jalen Lucio deems it all necessary. 

“Outside of school we usually take the time to work properly in formation, especially for the parade because it does take a lot of practice and coordination,” said Lucio.

However, Veterans Day can be watered down by superficial celebrations. Senior Alexandra Imoisili feels that some students do not recognize the importance of Veterans Day.

“American schools do so much to the point that we forget the values and everything about veterans. They just say ‘Oh yeah, let’s celebrate veterans,’ but they never know why they are celebrating veterans,” said Imoisili.

However, Veterans Day celebrations are not limited to school. Students also celebrate Veterans within their own families. Imoisili and her cousin have a unique tradition together. 

“My cousin was in the Army so every Veterans Day we call her and make fun of her because she hated it. She always complains about her service, so we always remind her about it,” said Imoisili. 

Middle and high schools are not the only ones that have Veterans Day celebrations. Many intermediate and elementary schools also host them. Berry believes young students should continue to participate in Veterans Day celebrations.

“It’s good for younger children to understand the sacrifices that some U.S. citizens made by serving in the military,” said Berry. “I think the schools are doing a great job recognizing the Veterans in the community and in the schools.” 

To many students and staff, Veterans Day is a very important, meaningful, and necessary holiday. Celebrations are performed across the country in schools and homes alike. Students in ROTC worked hard to put on parades, banquets, and ceremonies to honor veterans and appreciate them for their service. 

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