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Basketball Season


Now that football season is over, a new season has started and that is basketball season. The new beginning has brought excitement to many of its players and coaches. But this season is very different compared to previous seasons due to new transferred students and the new coaches. Although the changes aren’t too big, they’re highly noticeable to the previous student-athletes.

Although the team has been facing new challenges, they don’t let that stop them from accomplishing their goals. The team has been able to recognize their challenges and fix them to achieve their goals. But the challenges and goals from each player varies.

These new changes were a challenge in the beginning according to student Joy Egbuna, but now she has adapted to them. Egbuna felt the most challenging thing she had to deal with in the beginning of her season was teaching the new players how to adapt to the practices. Teaching the new players how to adapt to the new environment they’re in was also a challenge to Egbuna because she believes that returning players should execute what they’re taught perfectly.

“The practices are definitely hard, especially since we have five girls who are completely brand new and don’t know anything,” said Egbuna. “For returning players, it’s kinda hard because we have to not only teach them, but execute perfectly.”

Although the team faces challenges, they also have much confidence for this upcoming season according to Abisayo Gbakinro. He acknowledges that the team does have challenges because everyone has a different mindset, but he goes on to acknowledge how he feels confident about the season. Gbakinro believes that the new team has bonded together in very good ways.

“I’m confident because we have new players and a new coach,” said Gbakinro. “I also feel like our team is starting to gel together and our chemistry is starting to get better at the same time.”

The confidence and excitement aren’t only with the players of the team, but also with the coaches of the team. Coach Cornelius Mitchell believes that the preparation for the season beforehand is the reason that many of the players and coaches have much confidence in this season. Mitchell focused on each of the players to see what they were the best at, and what they needed to improve. 

“We spent a lot of time just figuring out who we were as individuals,” said Mitchell. “And what skills, what strengths we had, and we also spent a lot of time figuring out what our weaknesses were.”

With the challenges faced with players and coaches, the teams have all been able to bond and overcome those challenges. Through the practices and the team bonding, basketball season has started off well.

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