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Mystery of the Missing Mirrors

Image of where mirrors used to be in the bathrooms.

Recently, changes have been made to the restrooms. A large portion of the student body was unhappy about the removal of mirrors from the bathrooms, as they thought it was unfair.

Many students felt that the removal of the mirrors was unnecessary as it hadn’t done any harm to them nor was it affecting their learning. Some students, such as junior Nana Nyantekyi, argued that removing the mirrors took away the ability for them to be able to check themselves throughout the day, which affects others and their own perception of themselves. 

“I feel like especially if we’re running late to come to school, we got to know what we look like because people take personal appearance very seriously around here, especially in high school,” Nyantekyi said. 

Junior Natalie Huang feels the same way.

Despite the fact that mirrors were supposed to be removed from the boys’ restroom on the third floor, there is still a mirror in that bathroom. Nyantekyi feels that it is unfair to the girls that some boys restrooms still have mirrors.

“I feel like it’s unfair personally, especially since girls are more keen to look good and focused on how they look when they go out more than boys. So I feel like it’s unfair for us boys to have one making the ratio to one to zero,” Nyantekyi said.

After the mirror was removed from the restroom, there were many rumors and speculation about the reasoning behind the change, such as girls staying in the restroom too long or people seeing inside the restroom since the restrooms do not have doors. When junior Kleigh Hammie heard the rumors, she felt that if that was the reason behind them being removed, it is unfair.

“I feel like if that the reason the mirror was removed they shouldn’t have been because I feel that just because certain people are taking a long period time in the restroom its really isn’t fair,” said  Hammie.

Ultimately, the rumors aren’t true, and the actual reason isn’t as big as people made it out to be. Principal Ashley Alloway  confirmed that the reason isn’t because of the students but for a completely different reason. 

They had been slated to be removed for quite a while because of the placement.” Alloway said. “They are being replaced by a district vendor, but in a different placement. I believe they will be over the sinks.”

In spite of the fact that most students are upset about the changes, the changes are not going to last forever, and eventually, the students will be able to get their mirrors back.

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