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Dancing with the Stars

Eagle Elite team; courtesy of Photo Journalism.

The Eagle Elite are an involved dance team of the community, who perform at football games, basketball games, and pep rallies. With all the hard work comes a lot of excitement as they partake in fun events and develop lifelong friendships.

Through performances and competitions, the team has formed deep friendships with each other. Their bond has been a bright point for many students, as they’ve found a community they can rely on. Sophomore Kahrin Dolliole finds the relationship she has with her teammates to be a great part of being on the team.

“My mom told me about it [drill team] because I didn’t know about it at all. My mom was like ‘Hey, I think you should do this in high school’ so I was like ‘Ok, I want to try it out.’ I made it and I’ve loved it ever since,” Dolliole said. “I love that we’re kind of like a family. Half of my friends consist of drill girls, so I love that all of us are here for each other no matter what. No matter what grade you’re in or anything we’re all there for each other. We act like sisters, I love that.”

The Eagle Elite get to take a trip every couple of years, and this year they are traveling to New York City. On this trip they’ll get to see a Broadway show, take a dance class from the Radio City Rockettes, and even perform before the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. Drill team director and dance teacher Amie Harris couldn’t turn down this huge opportunity for her team.

“We started [preparing] during our bye-week of football season. We learned our performance routine for the Rockettes show and then we’ve just continued practicing. This year they’ve started doing the performance opportunity before the Rockettes, and I thought that was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the girls to get to dance,” Harris said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for them to see post secondary options that aren’t just college so dancing in New York, dancing on Broadway. Not just a high school drill team, but they can actually make this a career after high school.”

The team spirit on the Eagle Elite is high, as many of the girls take pride in their skills and accomplishments. With many of the girls joining the team because of their passion for dance, their love for the sport has only grown. Senior Brooklynn King finds the opportunities she gets from the drill team to be irreplaceable.

“I’ve been on the drill team since my sophomore year. I’m not from Texas, so I didn’t know what drill team was. After seeing them perform, I went to one of their shows, and I thought it was something I would be interested in because I grew up as a dancer,” King said. “In New York, we’re taking a class from a Radio City Rockettes and then another dance class from a dancer from Wicked on Broadway. I think it’s going to be fun just to learn different styles and actually see dance as a profession.”

From practices to performances, the Eagle Elite put their all into dancing. The team has gained unforgettable memories as they go on trips, host events, and form a lasting sisterhood.

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