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Faster Than the Wind

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This sport has many aspects, and it is no secret that the girls who are in track and field work hard to achieve success.

There are many ways the girls prepare for track. The exercises may include leg strengthening or running certain distances from 100 meters to 400 meters. Sophomore Mikalya Young uses these exercises to prepare for the track.

“Since I’m a sprinter I work with my coach. I do sprint mechanics like 250s and 150s. then the next day I go to a different coach and I repeat 300s and 200s,” Young said. 

When it comes to track and field, there are many challenges that girls can face, such as obstacles related to their personal lives, as well as the environment, or comparing themselves to other people. During Freshman Sophie Bane’s time on the track her challenge was comparing herself to others.

“The most challenging aspect of track is the expectations of others and yourself, trying to be the best you can be while being compared to others, overcoming it is just being your own person and now worrying about others,” said Bane.

Other than comparing yourself, the weather can also take a toll when it comes to being on the track, Junior Eyrn Tameze feels.

“When you’re on the track, if it’s more cold than hot, your muscles can tighten up, so when that happens I do a little more stretching to get my muscles going but to be honest you have to get an endurance to it,” said Tameze.

Although track is mainly a solo sport, teamwork still plays a crucial role, and Tameze thinks that communication is a vital part of working together as a team.

“Teamwork does contribute to track a lot because we’re always cheering each other on in every single event our school goes to, making sure they finish strong by hyping them up,”said Tameze.

While meets are an opportunity to meet opposing schools and see friends, family cheering, some girls may feel anxious about competing because they may have harder competition, like Tameze.

“When I go out to meets or just going on the track in general I may get nervous about the competition that is out there or maybe not doing the best I could,” said Tameze. 

There are a lot of aspects surrounding track and field that the girls have to deal with, whether it is training, getting used to the weather, or feeling nervous during meets.

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