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Ready, Set, GO!

Courtesy of MISD Athletics Dept. via Twitter.

Ready, Set, GO! This is the start of a new beginning, and that beginning is track season. The track team consists of many different events that include hurdles, sprinters, high jumpers, long jumpers, and much more. Each of these teams must go through lots of training and be dedicated to prepare themselves for the next track meet. If you want to be on the track team, prepare for long practice hours, hard work, and motivation.

For beginner track members, adapting to the new schedule can be hard because runners are exercising their body and pushing themselves to their limits. Nana Nyantekyi, junior, explains how he had to adjust to the new training, and his body had to adapt too. Nyantekyi goes on to say that track practices were very hard to get used to in the beginning, but as he continued to work and stay motivated, it became easier.

“I feel it’s very beneficial for all of us track runners to get practice and go to practice. It usually consists of a lot of running or physical activity depending on what you do , and I feel practices prepare me very well,” Nyantekyi said. “Starting off with six 200s. for example, gets you in the mood to do well in your event, you get well, prepared mentally and physically for your meet to do better in the meet as well.”

More advanced track runners, such as the varsity team, often give advice both as a whole and individually to the new members to stay positive and motivated. Abisayooluwa Gbakinro, junior, advises new members of the track team that it takes time to perfect performance, but staying consistent and attending practices will help with seeing progress.

“The advice that I would give to someone that just started track is to give your body time to recover,” Gbakinro said. “Get your technique right and set small goals you want to achieve by the end of the season.”

Although there have been many positives to the team, they also face challenges, whether it be as a whole or as individuals. Jordan Biles, sophomore, said that he has experienced challenges throughout this season, one of those challenges being when he injured his hamstring. Although Biles has experienced trials of errors, he continues to push forward and not give up.

“When I’m faced with hard challenges, I’ve learned to be very patient and not get upset because anger doesn’t fix the problem,” Biles said. “It’s hard to learn discipline like that, but once you do, it becomes easier.”

The track meets are always the longest and difficult of days for student athletes. Normally, track meets start at 9:00am, and don’t end until 8-9:00pm, sometime going even longer. Zion Wimbley, junior, said that track meets are very enjoyable because he feels well prepared for what he’s about to execute. Although the meets are long, Wimbley feels that he is able to bond with his teammates and even meet new people for other schools.

“I strongly believe that my coaches are the reason I’m able to perform so well during meets,” Wimbley said. “They always keep me motivated, and tell me what I need to work on and what I did well. Because of their support I’m always mentally prepared for the meets.”

Many people during meets also socialize and network with others from different schools so they’re not just sitting with people they already interact with daily. Peculiar Henry, sophomore, has said that track meets are always the best and that they’re always enjoyable. During meets, Henry feels, is the time to be social and to meet other people instead of just staying with people you already know. 

“Track meets consist of running, supporting people, and meeting new beautiful people,” Henry said. “Socializing with new people is always an enjoyable experience, it helps you build character and it creates long lasting friendships.”

Overall, many of the student athletes have been able to overcome struggles, that have bettered them in many ways. After putting in the effort and being pushed to their limits, many members of track and field have seen much improvement within themselves and the others around them.

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