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Looking Good

Brooke-Lynn Riser

Throughout Brooke-Lynn Riser’s life she’s always had her unique interests and many things influenced them, whether it be family or the unfortunate events that happen to her life. With her interests she was able to overcome her problems and finds herself making progress. Her style and ability to create fashion is something she is proud of.

“My mother and my grandmother are the two people who helped me develop the style that I have now. When I was growing up I would always see my mother and my grandmother, they would be the best dress anytime they would walk into a room. People would just automatically look at them. And then I was like ‘I aspire to be like that one day’ so growing up I wanted people, whenever they look at me, I want their heads to turn. I want people to look at me and kind of go ‘Wow, her outfit is nice. She looks so well put together.’ Those are my main two influences,” said Riser.

Riser’s second interest, in her hair, arose when her mother had to move out of state for work reasons. Throughout her life, Riser has always been one of those kids who wanted to look good and presentable, and her hair is no different.

“Whenever I was in fifth grade, my mother had to move away to go out of state so she can continue to provide for us, so I was forced to move in with my father. My dad doesn’t know how to do hair. My stepmother didn’t know how to do hair and hair was special. That was kind of a special thing and I like to having my hair done because once again, I just love to look put together. Because of that, at a young age, I believe fifth grade, I had to learn how to do my own hair. And ever since then I’ve kind of just always been able to do my hair, you know, because I was forced to learn how to do my hair at a young age,” said Riser.

As a result of her early exposure to hair, it became a hobby that she enjoys. She even helps her friends and family when they need it. As a hobby, she finds it to be very peaceful and relaxing.

“Doing hair keeps me happy. One reason I like to do hair is because of the after product, whenever I look at somebody and I see how well like I did my work. I’m like ‘oh wow, I did that. It has just put them together so well, it compliments them.’ It’s also just very relaxing for me, like another way for me to ignore reality and do something else, this is really peaceful for me,” said Riser.

As much as Riser enjoys her work, she does not consider it a long-term career for her, even though it is what she enjoys doing at the moment.

“I really enjoy doing hair because it’s just so relaxing and helps me isolate my mind from the world, but it’s not anything I’d pursue seriously because I want a very successful career and I don’t believe I would able to have the life I want with cosmetology,” said Riser.

Throughout her life, Riser developed a love for hair and fashion, and she is who she is today because of her passion for the two.

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