Martin Luther King Jr.


Melinda Weenig, ENN Staff

On Jan. 16, 2017, we celebrate a man that has shaped our country to how it is today, and has inspired so many people with his famous “I Had A Dream” speech. Martin Luther King Jr. did not only end racism, but he changed and shaped our society for the better.

Senior Kathrine Piwonka thinks he has created opportunities for so many people and, has lead everyone to believe in themselves.

“I think he has created a lot of opportunities for everyone, he has really opened everyone’s minds and made them believe that they can do anything that they want to,” Piwonka explained.

With his famous “I Had A Dream” speech, he has inspired and encouraged so many people, and made them believe that they have a chance.

“His speech did not only inspire me but it also made me think that I can do anything I set my mind too and gave me the courage to do what I want to do,” Senior Krayton Garlon said.

Its safe to say that Martin Luther King Jr. has changed our country for the better, and has given everyone a voice. He gave everyone hope that this world can be a better place, and he will always be remembered and loved.