Whitney Steed

A student talks back to a teacher.

From a young age a simple concept is taught: to receive respect, you must first give respect. However as we start to get older, we start to ignore this concept. When this occurs, students start to get the idea that they have more authority than teachers and in turn start displaying signs of disrespect.

This is not the case for every student.  However, it only takes one student to disrupt the environment in the classroom. One demonstration of disrespect completely changes the atmosphere inside a classroom, therefore hindering chances of students obtaining the education they need. Sophomore Caitlyn Simpson can testify how difficult it is to be in a classroom with disrespectful students.

“Disrespect makes the classroom a lot more negative and less of a safe environment. I think showing disrespect towards teachers is immature and pointless. Since teachers spend so much of their time trying to help us be successful it’s important that we at least try to acknowledge that and respect them,” said Simpson.

Not only does it cause an unsafe environment as Simpson explains, but it also adds chaos and negativity to a classroom. Junior Alicia Brooms has experienced this and can testify to the damage it does.

“Disrespect in the classroom changes the environment from a place of learning to a place of chaos and annoyance for other students. When I see a student disrespecting staff members I think that they are in no place to talk to an adult like they are one themselves. Respect is important because when you give it you get it and can be taken seriously,” said Broom.

For students, disrespect limits their chances of learning but for teachers disrespect has a more profound effect. Mr. Bueno, a Spanish teacher at Lake Ridge, explains it effects more than just one student, it effects the whole class.

“Disrespect does play a major role, especially when you have those one or two kids that if you don’t get them on your side and get that connection with them they are always going to be a problem and usually your peers are going to look up to those guys. If they cause chaos or are disrespectful it’s only going to cause problems with the other kids,” said Mr. Bueno.

There are many forms of disrespect that are displayed. Often times they are the simplest acts but the message they portray goes a long way. Officer Do at Lake Ridge High school sees many forms of disrespect in his field of work.

” I’ve seen students disrespecting teacher by not listening to them, cussing and yelling at them and calling them all kinds of names. People not listening or ignoring what you’re telling them, that sort of thing is disrespectful,” said Officer Do.

Although disrespect portrays a message, respect portrays a bigger one. When in any situation respect is crucial, especially in a school. Mr. Romaguera, an assistant principal at Lake Ridge stresses the importance of respect when running a school.

“Respect is a is one of the biggest keys that I look. If we can have our students acting responsibly and respectfully towards each other, the community and towards the property in general that goes a long way in running a well managed school,” said Mr. Romaguera.

Often students don’t take into account what disrespect promotes. The initial message that is conveyed to the teacher, is that the student doesn’t care about how much work was put into the lesson or concept they are trying to teach.

“Teachers go above and beyond because they care and they know what will come in our lives. Later students will appreciate how caring teachers have been,” said Broom.

Disrespect causes chaos and an inadequate environment for education. It’s something that disrupts and eventually leads to more problems. Even out side of school, respect is key and without it the community couldn’t run the way it was meant to.