Taken by the Team


Brooke Lampe

The first year Girls Varsity Soccer players.

New team members of ladies varsity soccer underwent an unexpected and eventful initiation last weekend.

“We had to get everyone in on it first, so we picked a day that would work for everyone and then asked coach if it would be alright,” says senior Caiti Broccoli.

The varsity members laugh as they recall kidnapping the new teammates and taking them to IHop for an early morning breakfast.

“I don’t think any of them were expecting it, we really got them,” says junior┬áTaylor Lockwood

The varsity members all met at a designated house and went to kidnap their new members all together.

“The night of we all met at brooke’s house and took three cars to get all the newbies. It was a first time doing anything like that, but I think we did a really good job for a kidnapping,” says Broccoli.

The “newbies,” claim they weren’t expecting anything at all.

“We were so freaked out and surprised. I think we new it was okay, because our parents wouldn’t just let anyone come grab us, but it was still weird because the varisty girls weren’t talking,” says junior Bailey Berna.

Overall, both the varsity team and the new teammates feel as though the kidnapping really helped them bond with one another.

“I would say that it helped us bond because it was the first time outside of practice that we all hung out so we got to interact in a different way,” says Broccoli.

The bonding of the team should be a rewarding experience for the Lady Eagles, and really help them go far this season.