Top 5 things to do on Valentine’s Day: Single’s Version

Top 5 things to do on Valentines  Day: Singles Version

Single on Valentine’s day? Tired of spending your time loathing the day? Have nothing to do besides wonder on how you’ve managed to be single so long? Well, here are the top 5 “activities” to do on Valentine’s day when you are single.

  1. Throw Away The tissues

Instead of wallowing over past relationships or why you’re forever single, laugh it up. Pop the popcorn and have your own comedy movie marathon. Watch your favorite comedies or stand up comedians and laugh to your heart’s desire. Invite your single friends as well and spread the laughter. Laughing helps lift your mood and reduces stress.

  1. Share the Love

Challenge yourself and show kindness to someone you don’t know, whether it’s through volunteer work or to someone in school who you feel needs a smile from someone else. Helping others tend to make you feel good while making others feel good and possibly spreading kindness. The world always needs a little kindness.

  1. Secret Valentine

Still want to participate in Valentine’s day? You don’t need a significant other to give you gifts and chocolate on Valentine’s day. Grab a group of friends and participate in a Secret Valentine. It’s similar to secret Santa, but instead you’re doing it for Valentine’s day. Put each person’s name in a raffle and have each participant draw a name and that is who they will “secretly” give a small gift to on Valentine’s day.

  1. Love Yourself

Take Justin Bieber’s advice and love yourself. Treat yourself, to anything you please. Treat yourself to the spa, to a basketball game (or any other sport), to the movie theater and so on. Go on a date with yourself. Take the time to appreciate the things that you’re proud of and reward yourself for it, you don’t need others to treat you. Also take this time to reflect on things that you’ve done in the past and things that you want to do in the future, and set up an outline on how you’re going to accomplish these things.

  1. Take Advantage of Those Valentine’s Day Sales

Like to shop? Is there something that you really want but it’s too expensive? Several stores have sales this time around. While everyone else is busy being lovey dovey and spending hundreds of dollars on restaurant bills, you can save hundreds of dollars on the different sales that stores and companies are offering.