Bittersweet Beak Week for Lake Ridge Seniors


Seniors at Beak Week’s dodge ball tournament during the 2015-2016 school year. Adonijah Young (left), JaiAnna Megahan (center left), Lauryn Singletary (center right), Andreeana Butler (right)

Beak Week has been a tradition at Lake Ridge High School since the very first day it opened. However for the seniors, this will be their last ever Beak Week. 

“The fact that this is my last Beak Week is bittersweet. I’m saddened that this is my last year, but knowing that I get to help someone else in need is what makes this worthwhile,” Adonijah Young, senior, said.

Throughout the years it has left a strong impression on seniors; as each year was unique and served several different causes from raising money for Veterans to raising money for children who can’t afford to celebrate their own birthday parties.

“Beak Week to me is an opportunity to raise money for a very good cause while having fun as a whole student body,” Kennedy Kinnard, senior, said.

The spirit of Beak Week began (for the Class of 2017) in 2013, when the school raised money for a fellow LR student who was diagnosed with leukemia. It was the first time they experienced the whole school coming together to support a common cause, not only raising money but enthusiasm, for helping others. And as a reward, at the end of the week the students earned the satisfaction of making a difference not only in somebody else’s life but in the life of a peer. In just one week the school raised almost $30,000.  Since then they and the LR staff have been determined to try and raise even more money with each passing year.

“My favorite Beak Week would probably have to be the very first one, freshman year. Not many underclassmen knew what it was about at the time because the upperclassmen built up the suspense pretty well. Ever since then it  has always made me happy because I was able to see LR come together and support something bigger than what we were,” said Ann Ehikhamenor, senior.

The seniors have also enjoyed taking part of the traditional games and pep rallies held every year during that week.

“Beaky Boys was always just a fun activity to get all your female friends together and and joke. It was always a very fun and positive experience,” explained senior, Briana Glover when describing her favorite Beak Week event.

This special week has been a highlight of each school year during the second semester for some of the students.

“I think Beak Week’s cause is amazing. We become more determined as a cohesive group when we are all working towards one common cause,” Megan Phan, senior, said.

However, some seniors are disappointed of how Beak Week has changed throughout the years. “I’ve been hoping we could one year revive it, and make it how it was our first year here,” Phan said.