Easter Traditions


Photographer: Frederik Fransoo

Painted Easter eggs used during a big Easter Egg Hunt

Easter weekend is rapidly approaching and many people start planning festivities. Some of these festivities come from past traditions. As with any holiday, families usually come together and celebrate. Holiday traditions are an important factor of the holidays.

For many families of Christian faith, this time of the year is especially important for them to come together. AP English teacher, Mrs. Lisa Cole, continues to celebrate Easter with her family because of the religious meaning behind it.

“An Easter tradition that my family has is every Sunday we go to church together and then we had lunch together afterwards. I used to do Easter baskets for the kids every year but now they’re too old for that. We keep up the tradition because it’s a very important day for Christians that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. That’s why I will continue to celebrate. It’s not something you out grow,” said Cole.

Although Easter is a Christian holiday, many Americans don’t celebrate it in a religious sense. They prefer to just have a little fun with Easter egg hunts and other activities. Junior Zuri Williams enjoys the fun her family has every Easter Sunday.

“We recently have been going to Sandy Lake with our immediate family like aunts, uncles and cousins. We paint the eggs then we go hide them and the kids go finds them. We usually have one golden egg that has money in it. After all that we then sit down and have a family dinner,” said Williams.

Others like to put a little spin on the ordinary Easter egg hunt.

” We like to do an Easter egg hunt with my family. My and my sister’s kids will do Easter eggs at night. We put glow in the dark sticks in the eggs do it’s fun to find them. We go out to my parents house in the country were they can roam around. Then we get up Sunday morning and go to church,” said LR AP Stats teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Neelley.

As kids get older they often lose interest in some traditions but most students still enjoy Easter. Although they may not be running around with an Easter basket in their hand, they are able to help make that time more memorable for the younger kids.  Brianna Glover, senior, sees this time as a time to enjoy with her nieces and nephews.

“One of my families traditions is we make Easter baskets for my nieces and nephews. We fill it with confetti and their favorite candy and toys and then we dip die eggs and do Easter hunts,” said Glover.

Not all traditions may be unique or out of the ordinary but that doesn’t mean they are special to the family members. Traditions might be the same but the families who celebrate the aren’t and for each family is a different story.