Private vs Public School: One Student’s Thoughts

Before high school everyone goes through middle or junior high. I went to a small school that included both. The school was a private catholic school called St. Joseph. When I say small I mean so small that my entire graduating class consisted of 29 kids, or the size of my 4th block english class.

When I first arrived at Lake Ridge, I had a difficult time trying to comprehend all the changes I was experiencing. For example, I could wear the clothes I wanted to here. At my old school I had to wear a uniform that consisted of a khaki or plaid skirt, and a blue or white blouse. Here, I could wear my sweats every single day if I wanted to and no one would care. 

Courtesy of Noelle Titler
Noelle serves during a volleyball game.

At St. Joseph, girls could not dye their hair or get highlights. Boy’s hair could not pass their ears. Here you have the freedom to do whatever style you want with your hair.

At my old school the schedule was completely different,  I had eight classes a day and religion was a required class. Here I have the freedom to basically pick any class that could possibly exist.

I went to St. Josephs for 10 years, from pre-k to the eighth grade. When I decided to go to Lake Ridge, I was very anxious because I didn’t know anybody besides my sister. Transitioning to Lake Ridge was scary. Luckily playing volleyball gave me the opportunity to make new friends.

My old school is disappointing compared to Lake Ridge because the classes and school environment aren’t as energetic as they are here. I would choose public school over private catholic school because you see people being themselves and that is an important part of your own personal growth.