Stewart ‘Set’ for her Future


Erika Ware

After a season ending injury, Lyric Stewart is excited to continue her career in college.

On September 10, 2020, Lyric Stewart, a senior volleyball player & Georgia commit, got injured during practice the day before the season’s first scrimmage. As she dove for a ball, she felt a sharp pain in her knee and was unable to straighten it when she tried. She laid on the floor, crying in pain, waiting for help. Later that afternoon, she was told she had a severe meniscus tear that required surgery and that she was done playing for the season.

“I was scared and obviously hurt and I was just wondering what it was and if I’d be back. I was scared because I didn’t want to miss out on my senior year,” said Stewart.

Now after months of hard work and physical therapy, Stewart is progressing from her surgery better than what her doctors expected.

“They actually said that I’m recovering a lot faster than they expected. I just got off my crutches so I’m finally able to walk again, but it’s a lot of rehab, a lot of reps, and a lot of pushing,” said Stewart.

Although it was difficult for Stewart knowing that she would miss playing her senior year, she was able to redirect those frustrations into something more positive.

“It was hard for me to like get past the fact that I wasn’t going to play my last year of high school, but you know I had to realize that there’s a bigger picture and this isn’t the peak of my volleyball career, so after I kind of realized that it got much better,” stated Stewart.

Despite her injury Stewart learned lessons that she will never forget.

“This injury has definitely taught me not to take my time for granted and to just play every game like it’s my last because technically my last was the last game of playoffs last year and I didn’t even know. Since I’ve been here since my freshman year, I’ve learned a lot of organization and time management skills so I’ll definitely take those with me to college,” said Stewart.” said Stewart.

Stewart also learned that just because she was injured and unable to contribute on the court, she was still a valuable member of the team.

“This taught me that you can still be involved and not be on the court. I can still contribute to this team even without playing,” said Stewart.

Stewart had the chance on senior night to sub into her last ever high school game. She was emotional knowing this was the last time of her high school career she would set foot on what’s been her home for 4 years.

“I was crying so much. I cried in the locker room getting dressed. I cried before the other team even got here. I cried when they were warming up. I cried when I was subbing in and I cried while I was serving so I was just very emotional. I kinda had to take a deep breath and realize that this is the last time I’m ever gonna touch a volleyball in a high school game so I just tried to cherish it and make the most out of it. It was hard, but I’m glad I got to do it,” said Stewart.

While Stewart will be starting all over from scratch at the University of Georgia, she feels that she is ready for whatever college has to offer.

“I’m obviously gonna be nervous because I’ve never been to college before, and then the other girls we’re gonna be playing against, but I think for the most part I am ready,” said Stewart.

Stewart’s time away from the game has left her looking forward to one thing in particular.

“Playing! Yeah I’m definitely gonna be looking forward to playing because going four months without playing volleyball and I’ve been so bored so I’m definitely looking forward to that,” said Stewart.

Although Stewart was sad she didn’t get to play her senior year, she is excited for the future. Still ahead of her recovery schedule, she is working hard to play again next fall and can’t wait to begin a new chapter of her life.