Nour Karajeh: A Dream Ever so Close


Nour Karajeh, junior, has plans to enter into the medical field following her senior year.

A pencil glides gently within the confines of a notebook, gracing pages with a smooth, velvety silver. The hand of the writer floats rhythmically with each line being drafted, for these very words mark the beginning of this aspiring medical professional’s research. Nour Karajeh, junior, views the entries she has so carefully documented, and closes the book’s crisp spine with thoughts about the impact she will soon impose.

“The world will become more selfish as time goes on unless something is done. We need people, such as doctors, nurses, and therapists, to be there to make humanity better. I want to be a part of this process whether it be through surgery or prescribing treatments and medications,” said Karajeh.

Karajeh has been intrigued by the medical field for as long as she remembers. Through both, personal experiences and academic inquiry, she is devoting consistent effort into securing an occupation within the field she so gravitates towards. Karajeh recalls when her interests towards such professions were ignited.

“I was first introduced to the medical field when I was younger. My mom was a NICU nurse, and I would visit my grandpa in the hospital to check on him when he was fighting cancer. At only the age of two, I was already thinking about all of the people I can help and problems I can fix,” said Karajeh.

In order to put this dream into action, Karajeh began consulting numerous resources surrounding different aspects of human health while still balancing her schoolwork.

“When I was in middle school, I kept a little journal dedicated to research. I would spend hours and hours studying mental illnesses and conditions. My mom was also pursuing her Master’s degree at the time to become a Nurse Practitioner, and she had a lot of medical books. I would read those and try to understand the material even more,” said Karajeh.

Now as a high school student, Karajeh was able to take some courses that will provide her a strong foundation in regards to the moral and occupation-specific elements essential to success in the medical field.

“I have taken ‘Principles of Health Science’ and ‘Health Science Theory.’ Those two classes prepared me for the ethics that I will need to have in the medical field, and I also learned about some illnesses. We had a CPR Certification, but I did not get to complete that because of COVID,” said Karajeh.

Karajeh is now exploring the paths she can traverse at the collegiate level. She is considering enrollment at the University of Texas at Dallas, the University of Texas at Houston, North Texas University, and the University of Jordan. Karajeh recognizes the factors she must weigh and the preparatory measures necessary for this upcoming chapter of her life.

“I have to start looking into colleges with good majors for my chosen field. If I stay in the United States, I want to be a Physician Assistant. If I travel overseas, I am going to try to become a doctor in my home country, Jordan. I am going to spend a lot of time next year ensuring that I complete community service and other forms of work so that I am prepared for the college application process,” said Karajeh.

Karajeh is evaluating two major areas of study to observe during such years of continued education.

“I am interested in both psychiatry and gynecology. I was initially planning on pursuing psychiatry since my fascination for the medical field began, but gynecology has been a recent thought because I want to make women feel more comfortable about their bodies and health,” said Karajeh.

Throughout her journey leading up to obtaining a profession in the medical field, Karajeh has received significant support for her interests.

“My mom motivates me and is a significant influence in my life. I was on and off with the whole idea of becoming a part of the medical field when I was younger due to all of the other professional opportunities available. But, my mom really helped me set my decision while still reminding me that I can do anything. She really believes that I have the personality and the smarts to achieve my goals,” said Karajeh.

Through each experience Karajeh gains, she applies one notable lesson that keeps her focused and driven.

“You can’t just stick to what you know. It is important to go out and try new things in order to become more experienced,” said Karajeh.