Lake Ridge’s Newest Royalty

On Sept. 18, Mansfield Lake Ridge held its annual homecoming game. Jett Duffey and Jolian George were crowned the 2015-16 homecoming king and queen, respectively.

Jolian George was crowned the Homecoming queen. During halftime of the Lake Ridge vs Lancaster Game, she was announced to be newest royalty.
“I felt like anyone could win it,” she said of the award. “All the boys and girls [who were nominated] deserved it.”
Homecoming royalty is definitely a great honor, but where does it rank among her greatest high school achievements? She said it ranks high and that “it’s been the most memorable for me.”
As for the voters, George says, “I want to say thank you and I really appreciate it.”

Jett Duffey, the starting LR quarterback and Texas Tech commit, was honored as the king.
“I was wondering who it was” he said “now that I know, I’m glad I was blessed to be nominated and win”
As to where it ranks among his greatest high school achievements, he says it ranks 2nd.
As for his fans and supporters, Duffey says, “thank you for voting for me, thank you for supporting me, now let’s get back to football.”

And getting back to football is exactly what he did as he lifted the Eagles to defeat Lancaster, for the first time in school history, 48-27!