Valentine’s Day Wants: Girls and Guys Differ Greatly

Shelby Uggen and Victoria Serrano

When Valentine’s Day starts to approach, most guys and girls seem to freak out about what to get each other. But have no fear because the answer to this annual dilemma is actually pretty simple, according to a few Lake Ridge students we talked to.

Seemingly cliché  but unanimously in demand, girls tend to agree that their basic gift needs include handwritten sentiments, sweet candy and stuffed furry animals.

“I want a Teddy Bear, candy and love letters from my Valentine,” said sophomore Quinn Robben, when asked about her Valentine’s Day want list.

Freshman Tara Sprides confessed that a big bear, chocolate and some Starbucks would work well for her on Feb. 14.

Unlike teenage females, boys seem to prefer some quality togetherness with their partners and a healthy supply of good eats on Valentine’s Day.

“What I want most is to spend time with my girlfriend, some love, and spicy chicken,” said Jared Gray, a poultry-loving freshman.

Lisandro Alencio, a percussionist with the band, said he also prefers alone time with his girlfriend, some warm hugs — and maybe even some new mallets to make his V-Day special.

What’s on your Valentine’s Day wish list? Let us know in the comments section below.