LRHS Supports Colors For Cancer


Photo Courtesy ofthe American Cancer Society

Chart showing the colors that support each type of cancer

Monday, Feb. 1, was Colors for Cancer Day throughout MISD. Staff and students were invited to  wear a specific color that represented the cancer that they were supporting; from breast cancer to brain cancer. Colors for Cancer is honored by both survivors and others wanting to spread awareness and support.

“It was a shock when I got the news that I had breast cancer,” explained Advanced Placement World History teacher, Kimberly Helfeinbein.

Helfeinbein was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago. After hearing the news, she was determined to fight the cancer. Helfeinbein said that she was lucky to defeat it at its early stages. However, the process was not done yet. It was still possible for the cancer to return after 5 years. She waited anxiously during that time and was “excited” that it never returned. She wears pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

“It’s almost like a sisterhood when you meet with other survivors,” Helfeinbein said.

Lake Ridge Librarian, Ashley Hendricks, wore gray to support brain cancer. Hendricks’ sister has gone through there surgeries after being diagnosed with Brain Cancer 16 years ago.

“My father was just diagnosed with Colon Cancer,” LR Librarian, McKay said who wore dark blue.

McKay’s father has recently gone through surgery and “at this moment, he is doing good.”

Colors for Cancer raises awareness through colored ribbons, t-shirts, and other products to show support for those who are suffering from the disease.


What color did you wear to show your support? Leave a comment below.