Team Uses Imagination


Sydney Johnson

LR Destination Imagination team

Destination imagination is an abstract club that guides students into thinking outside the box and become more resourceful as they get older. Students from all grade levels participate.

“It’s really fun to do. It’s way different than anything else I’ve been in. We laugh so much. It just makes me really happy to be there,” LR sophomore, Holly Simpson said.

D.I. clubs throughout the district and state compete against each other from regionals to the state level. The students in these clubs participate in several different challenges that include building, science, improv, etc. Each year a twist is added to the challenge to make it more thought provoking and complex.

“It’s about creativity and how to expand and find different ways to find a solution,”  LR sophomore, Seth Jaksik said.

D. I. here at Lake Ridge is run by AP Statistics and Geometry teacher, Robin Wetter. It helps develop important motor skills that students can put into crucial use in real world situations.

“Getting an A isn’t what makes you smart, but being able to problem solve is what makes you smart, whether you want to be a hairdresser or mechanic,” Wetter said.