Serrano Second at AcDec State Championship

Serrano Second at AcDec State Championship

This past Friday and Saturday our Lake Ridge Academic Decathlon team went to the State Championship and  D.J. Serrano, Lake Ridge Senior, placed second in state. When ENN met up with D.J., he was proudly wearing his metals that he received at the competition.

Academic Decathlon is an annual high school competition that is competed throughout the state. It constist of seven multiple choice tests, two performance test, and an essay.

It requires “reading, a lot of reading,” said D.J.

When asked how it felt to medal at State, D.J. explained saying, “I didn’t think they would call my name.”

He seemed to be proud after all of those late nights studying and memorizing facts. Although, D.J. is a senior this year he said he plans on “coming back to help out,” the AcaDec team.

Academic Decathlons are uncommon in college, but if D.J. gets the chance he explained that he would take up the opportunity.

This win has not only made Lake Ridge proud but Mansfield ISD as a whole.

Congratulations, D.J. Serrano!