Extra! Extra! ENN Wants You!

Lake Ridge ENN Logo

Lake Ridge ENN Logo

Do you like keeping up with school news? Do you like being on camera? Do you like writing stories? Eagle Nation News is recruiting fellow Lake Ridge students to add to their staff for the 2016-2017 school year.

What is ENN? Eagle Nation News is a student-body newspaper ran by the one and only Rachel Brackett, that report news on school events, highlight students and/or teachers and their special achievements, and even report news about local or national events.

ENN is made up of 3 groups. The marketing staff focuses on spreading the word about the program via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and is in charge of updating events on the television screens you see in the hallways.

The newspaper staff works on writing stories and keeping our online newspaper updated.

Finally, broadcasting staff, creates the fun videos you see online and on the TV screens and is hard at work on bringing all the feature stories to life.

The network gives you the opportunity to interview and meet different people not only throughout the school, but the city as well. Rather than just sitting in the stands of games or competitions, you get the special privilege of being on the sidelines, right in the action to interview people, take videos, or even snap videos.

The program has grown a lot and allows you to make great memories. It is a great class to take. So what are you waiting for?