Prom: What To Know

Credit: Andreas Ronningen Via

Listen up Eagles! This year’s Lake Ridge prom is coming up and here is everything you’ll need to know to have a great time. ENN spoke to the head of the prom committee, Mrs. Wheatley, and she gave us all the information you would need about prom— from the food, music, and dress code.

When is this year’s prom?

The prom this year is on April 23rd.

Where will the prom be held this year?

Gaylord Texan Resort

Now that prom is coming  up and spring break is over, how much are tickets? 

They will be $85 dollars after spring break.

Is there an optional price for students who want a ticket to prom but not the meal included?

No, the ticket includes the meal and everything with it. So, you have the option of not eating the meal but you still have to pay for it.

What will be served?

We’re still working on the menu, we know it’s going to be some sort of chicken dinner.

Is it true that the after party will be held at Alley Cats?

Yes, the after party is done by the PTSA.

Is there a specific dress code for prom? 

[For] prom we have to follow MISD dress code. The seniors have all attended  a meeting and given the papers informing them what they can wear. The After Prom at Alley Cats follows the MISD dress code as well.

Do all students have to wear an ID?

Students cannot get into the prom without a photo ID.


For more information you can visit Mrs. Wheatley’s room or email her at [email protected]