Spring Patrol Delivers Grant


Sydney Johnson

Mrs. Wheatly stikes a pose with her new grant!

The MISD Education Foundation sent its Spring Patrol to Lake Ridge to deliver a funding grant! The grant for $4,989.58 was delivered to Marie Pierre Lamkin, Rebecca Wheatley, Kim Wallace, Samantha Watson, Reveille Schrock, and Janine Johnson for their program entitled “Mansfield Mystery Disease: A PBL to Review the Biology EOC”.

The grant was funded by the Medical Center of Arlington.

“We wrote the grant for the Mansfield Mystery Disease project that we do,” explained Rebecca Wheatley, LR Science teacher.  “It’s a project we do every year where kids are trying to solve the mystery of a disease going around Mansfield and the problem was a lot of it we had to simulate because we didn’t have the lab materials. This grant pays for the lab materials.”

Mrs. Wheatley also explained how the grant would help the students of Lake Ridge.  “It’s going to be huge for us!  The grant will be used for the parts of the lab that the students struggled with the most. It’s going to make a big difference for them,” Wheatley said.


Congratulate Mrs. Wheatley and the science staff for their grant below in the comment section!