Self Reflection of an Eagle

Eagle sees its reflection

World Wildlife Pictures

Eagle sees its reflection

We live in a house of mirrors, and think we are looking out the windows. – Fritz Perris

Take a second to think about what self reflection means to you.  It speaks of how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings; failing to realize that life reflects back on ourselves.

Our lives are interrelated; criss-crossing each other without knowing. Because we keep looking out windows, many of us take forever to realize that we are actually looking at our reflection defined by others’ opinions.

Relationships we forge now affect our future lives.  We learn about happiness, sadness, depression, and grief.  Having healthy future relationships rely on the lessons we learn from how we relate to the people around us now. Yet, we allow prejudices, ignorance, arrogance, drama, and spite to remove us from building the very foundations we require to become capable adults.

So why do we spend these precious years judging others for their looks, athletic ability (or lack of), intelligence, and other petty ideals that are meaningless?

You are not better than me, nor am I better than you.  We are equal.  We are all Eagles. We have learned over the past few weeks that life is precious. Appreciate every day we are given and learn from each other and maybe the loss we feel will not be in vain.