Artists Flow Through State Competition


Samantha Cox’s artwork received at the VASE state competition earning a perfect score.

Seven students from Lake Ridge’s art program made it to the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE)  state competition held this past Friday/Saturday April 22nd and 23rd, at James Madison High School.

“I was shocked. I didn’t want to believe it honestly, but I was also excited,” sophomore, Samantha Cox said after getting a perfect score on her art piece at the VASE competition.

For many of these students it is not their first time advancing this far. However, making it to state wasn’t an easy task.

“Each year you have to push yourself to do better, even if it means taking risks and try new mediums or drawing something you’re not used to,”  junior, Sidney Reyes said.

Even though no one placed in the state competition, the young artists are jubilant about the future. They hope to make it this far again or further, but for now they will continue to allow their imagination to be set free through their artwork.