BEAK WEEK: Pep Rally


Micah Tolton

The Sophomore Class Officiers at the Beak Week Pep Rally

On Friday, Lake Ridge finally started Beak Week! Every year Lake Ridge holds “Beak Week” where the community donates money to an organization of the school’s choice as well as a theme. This year, LRHS chose The Suicide Crisis and Prevention Center of North Texas to raise awareness on the importance of suicide prevention.

The pep rally consisted many events such as a lightsaber war with our mascot, Ellie the Eagle, and Kylo Ren, a dance battle between the classes, and more!

DeLauren Washington, freshman and participator in the dance battle, spoke on how much fun she had. “It was great representing the freshmen and giving all the other upperclassmen L’s.”

Fred Bridges, a freshman, told ENN, “I had to put on for the freshmen class. I was up there [the stands] with my football team, and they told me they were having a dance competition. I was like ‘alright’ and they started calling my name so I like ‘I’ll get up there and dance.’ And I did what I had to do for them.”

A Chant Off was also arranged and, by the end, the juniors won against the freshman class to bring home the Spirit Stick! Friday was just a preview of just how fun our Beak Week this year will be! A huge thanks goes to our Student Council for setting all this up! Leave a comment down below telling us your favorite part of the pep rally.