BEAK WEEK: Powderpuff Game and Car Show


The Powderpuff Game Champions: Slotter Gang

While Friday officially capped off Beak Week, Saturday brought about the best events yet with the Powderpuff game and the 2nd annual Lake Ridge Car Show.

The day officially began at about 1:30, opposed to 1:00, as the powderpuff games were delayed due to some teams showing up a little late. Once play got going, though, it was as exciting as any Beak Week event. The games took place on both sides of the football field as the 50 yard mark served as a touchdown for both sides. The participants included, Slotter Gang, B.W.A., Taser’s Angels, the Seniors, and a team composed of incomplete teams. The tournament was double elimination and didn’t end until about 3:30. In the end, Slotter Gang would win the championship against Taser’s Angels and take 1st place in powderpuff.

The car show started at 2:00, during the Powderpuff game, and did not disappoint. Located in front of the Performing Arts center, a variety number of cars ranging from classic Corvettes to the new style Mustangs took the parking lot by storm. In the end, though, the best overall car would go to a red 2016 Scion FR-S coupe.

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