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Nick Ciggealkis and Governor Greg Abbot
Nick Ciggealkis and Governor Greg Abbot

Lake Ridge’s senior, Nick Ciggelakis, was voted as a member of the electoral college Saturday May 14, 2016 at the Texas Republican Convention in Dallas. The convention was a three day event starting Thursday May 12th.

Many of us think that the people vote for the president directly, but that is not the case the people vote for a president through a representative called an electoral college voter. This electoral college voter casts the people’s vote for president on December 19th. The representative is a member of the electoral college, and Nick is one of the 38 members of the electoral college in the state, and 538 in the nation. Assuming Texas stays republican, Ciggelakis will vote for Donald Trump, and his Vice President.

Ciggelakis was voted by his peers at the state’s convention. He is one of six people who ran on the ballot, and eventually his competitors withdrew their name leaving him as the last man standing.

At 18 years old, Ciggelakis is one of the youngest electoral college members in Texas, and The United States history.

Ciggelakis represents the future of the Republican Party, and one of the few he even said “15-20% of people ages 18-24 will vote for president this November.” He also mentioned political participation is key, stating that “youth have a voice in the process.”

So many of do not use their voice, but Ciggelakis has gone above and beyond establishing himself as a voice for himself and others.

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You can also find a continued story of Nick in the Star Telegram.