Mrs. Brackett Announces Departure

Jacob Uggen, Editor in Chief

A picture taken from the walk to the capitol building.
A picture taken from the walk to the capitol building.

On Saturday, Jun. 25, a small group of Lake Ridge High School yearbook, newspaper, and broadcasting staff accompanied Mrs. Brackett, the Lake Ridge journalism teacher, to stray from their journalism camp. They left the University of Texas, and walked the streets of Austin. They told jokes and stories reminiscing about old times, laughing and grew closer. They admired the Capitol building, and walked amongst the monuments making up ghost stories along the way.

At the end of the walk Mrs. Brackett sat everyone down on the grimy tiles of the dorm entrance, where they had been staying.

“There is something I need to say,” said Mrs. Brackett as she glanced at Coach Sohel, the other teacher chaperone.

“Coach Brackett (her husband, who also teaches at Lake Ridge) was offered a head coaching job 45 minutes away from Huston.”

At this point she was in tears. They had just worked so hard to build their journalism presence, and their amazing and funny teacher, is leaving. The whole group remained speechless, still unable to comprehend the unexpected news. Finally they were able to crack a few awkward jokes. Coach Sohel told us we have to honor her by continuing her legacy and stepping up as leaders.

After they said their goodbyes, the students took a silent elevator ride up to their dorm rooms. The only thing they could seem to say to each other was “Goodnight.”