Everything You Need to Know About The New Drink Rule


Shelby Rickerman

Drinks thrown away after new drink rule is being enforced by staff

 Lake Ridge High School has established a new rule that forbids students from bringing any outside drinks into the school. The administration implemented this rule in order to prevent unnecessary disorder in the classroom and prevent students from bringing unknown substances in the school. The administration are enforcing this rule by asking the staff to take up any outside drinks. The administration hopes this is going to provide a safer environment at school.

However, most students agree that it is a little excessive.  “I think it’s something that shouldn’t have been implemented in the first place and should be changed,” Sophia Olmos, sophomore, said.

During Thursday’s junior assembly Principal Dr. Vonda Nunley hoped to clear any confusion about this new rule. Nunley stated, “Students can’t bring any outside drink to school, that includes fast food, convenience stores and bottled water.  Students can bring drinks in their lunch boxes but it can’t leave the cafeteria and can’t be out during classes. If parents bring a lunch for the students and it entails a drink, the student can have it as long as its consumed in the lunch hour.”

Associate Principal Ms. Natasha Stewart further explained that this rule is not an Mansfield ISD policy and it’s left up to each individual school in MISD.  “This is an administrative decision because the safety and security of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. Although it’s not everyone causing problems, we just want to do our best keeping our school safe and secure,” Stewart said.      

“I think if someone was going to bring something they shouldn’t, they are still just going to find a way around the rule,” Summer Sibini, senior, said.

Junior Sarah Neufeldt thinks drinks should be acceptable if students would just clean up after themselves.  “The new drinking rule does help a little with keeping the rooms cleaner and preventing people spilling their drinks, but that’s only a few students and if they would just clean up after themselves then it would be alright,” Neufeldt said.

Chemistry teacher, Dr. Lynn Thatcher believes the new rule will help out the teachers.  “This new rule helps keep our classroom cleaner,” Thatcher said.

Students and administration might disagree about drinks on campus, but both sides can agree on the need for every student and faculty member to feel safe on campus.