The Prep Behind the Pep


Whitney Steed

Palmer Holmquist painting a sign for the pep rally

Whitney Steed, ENN Editor

Behind every football team are the fans. The same is true for Lake Ridge’s High School’s football team. But behind all the enthusiasm that the fans bring at Lake Ridge, is the pep rally before the game. The pep rally is usually held last block, in the main gym, on game day. The main point of the pep rally is to pump up, not only the fans, but also the team.

During the pep rally the players are down on the floor of the gym watching and enjoying all the support the fans are showing. Christopher Allen, Varsity Football Coach, enjoys seeing the support for his team.

“Anytime you feel like your being supported, you are inspired to do your best,” said  Coach Allen.

The pep rally is helpful towards the players and fun to watch, but a lot of work goes into putting together the perfect pep rally. The student council at Lake Ridge is in charge of putting together the pep rally.

“It’s got to be all planned out. As a group we try to plan what it is we are going to do. We try to do something fun to get the whole school excited to be there. We try to think of things new and different,” said Hannah Stinson, Student Council Adviser.

“After we plan it all we have to get everything approved by our administrators. If they don’t like what we have, we have to come up with all new ideas. Overall I hope the football players realize we are doing this to get the whole school excited to support them,” said Stinson.

Student Council isn’t the only group who puts a lot of work into these pep rallies. The Lake Ridge High School  Band also works hard to get people pumped up.

“During the pep rally we like to play up beat music and get the crowd excited for the game,” said Junior and flute player, Emily Tracy.

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