Eagles Band Marches On


Eagles Marching Band playing during the March-a-thon

The award winning Eagles Marching Band held it’s annual March-a-thon on Saturday, Sept. 17. The band marched through neighborhoods of Mira Lagos in Grand Prairie collecting donations for the program and playing for residents.

The streets were lined with people and young marching band hopefuls holding tambourines and little drums. “It made me happy to see the little kids look up to us,” explained Kaitlyn Gilchrist, senior Color Guard member. “They see us as someone they would like to be when they grow up.”

The Eagles Band endured temperatures well over 100 degrees during their 2 1/2 mile march.

The Band was flanked on each side with parents and volunteers marching the route with them as well.  “Mr. Wilcox was the real MVP (handing out ice towels),” said Jakob Conrad, freshman saxophone player. The volunteers made sure members had water and ice towels.

“Water breaks are for weak humans who can’t handle dehydration,” joked Connor Thompson, freshman saxophone player.

The March-a-thon raised over $19,000 for the Eagles Marching Band!