Ringing in Junior Year


Johnny beaman, Writer

Jostens Ring Company will hold the Junior class ring ceremony on Nov. 18, in the Lake Ridge performing arts center.

Once a student pays for their ring, they will receive a companion ring while they await their graduation ring. For the first time at Lake Ridge, juniors will then have the opportunity to choose an adult who has inspired them and award their companion ring to their significant adult figure during the ceremony.

Zion Smith, junior,  is looking forward to receiving his ring, as well as recognizing his inspiring figure.

“I’m excited for my ring. I’m bringing my grandpa to the ceremony to hand it to me, because he has inspired me a lot in my life,” Smith said.

The rings have many custom designs to choose from. Clayton Casner, junior, is looking forward to customizing a ring with the sports he participates in.

“There are so many ways to design the ring. I decided to put cross country and baseball on mine,” Casner said.

Jostens will be on campus to collect money Oct. 27and 28, and Nov. 17.