Knowledge Is Power


College Night at The PAC

On Wednesday, November 2, colleges from all over North Texas came to attend Mansfield’s annual College Night. College Night is an event hosted by the Mansfield Independent School District at the Mansfield Center for the Preforming Arts, where colleges set up booths to tell students about their schools and it’s benefits.

College Night is important because it is an easy way for colleges to get their information out there. Chris Hayes, Director of Recruiting for Lubbock Christian University, says that students can talk to all types of colleges and gain awareness about that particular school.

“Its important because you can expose young people to many colleges of many sizes and of many locations. Our college comes because there are students who don’t know about our school,” Hayes said.

Lexi Meador, Regional Admissions Counselor for the University of Arkansas agrees with the importance of College Night.

“We need College Night so students know what opportunities are available to them. We come so our university gets the word out,” said Meador.

However, colleges aren’t the only ones who benefit from the night. Students from the ¬†MISD’s high schools were encouraged to come and get more knowledge about the colleges they were thinking about attending, discover new options, and allow them to acquire new insight on these schools.

“College Night gives opportunities to seek out different colleges and the perks of each one. It also provides people information about colleges,” said Junior, Seth Jaksik.

College Night allows students to attain new information about familiar and unfamiliar colleges, with the goal of helping students decide where they would like to continue their education and earn their degree.