ENN Makes History by Producing the First News Broadcast at Lake Ridge


Chyna Hendon anchors for the ENN Broadcast.

Starting Jan. 10, 2017, Lake Ridge Journalism made history in the world of MISD. The broadcast journalism staff produced and released their first news broadcast, informing the students about what’s going on at Lake Ridge and around the world.  ENN will be broadcasting the news every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the remainder of the year.

Brianna Villatoro, senior, is is both eager and anxious to have the broadcasts produced and watched by the student body.

Gonzalo Gonzalez and Olivia Thompson set lighting for the broadcast.

“Producing our broadcasts is very exciting. I took this class last year and it’s really different compared to where we are now since we are doing things Lake Ridge has never done before. It’s a little nerve-racking because all eyes are on us during advisory and everybody is watching,” said Villatoro.

Cade Renfroe, sophomore, is pleased with the progress Lake Ridge has made and wants to showcase his work.

“I’m not always proud of what I do, so since we are the only Mansfield school to have done this, I’m glad to have it out there,” Renfroe said.

Along with changing the way announcements are delivered, the broadcasting class has also changed the way the roles to produce the newscasts are fulfilled. Trieu Tran, sophomore, had to adjust to these changes.

“Last year, I was the producer so I made sure everything was falling in line correctly and everyone was doing their job. This year, we all switch roles so everyone gets a chance to do everything,” Tran said.

Brianna Villatoro has also had to modify her role in the production of the broadcasts.

Cade Renfro edits a news segment.

“I really like being in front of the camera because I’m used to it since I was anchor last year, but now we are able to rotate roles each time so we all get an opportunity to learn new things,” Villatoro explained.

According to sophomore Ashley Cantero, even though the newscasts might have a more serious mood at times, the ENN staff also strive to lighten things whenever possible.

“The broadcasts will have a lot of variety, but we are also including kickers, or little funny announcements, to lighten the mood and hopefully make a positive impact,” said Cantero.