Lake Ridge’s Annual Course Fair


Micha Tolton

Avery Chen (left), Sara Neufeldt (center), and Kyla Ferguson (Right) pose for a picture at the course Fair.

It’s time to prepare for the next school year. Lake Ridge counselors spoke in history classrooms throughout the week, informing students about the course application for the next school year, as well as the course fair. On January 12th and 13th, various clubs and classes, ranging from Student Government to AVID to AP Biology, will be setting up booths around the gymnasium to recruit new students.

Yearbook student, Candice Reed, feels the course fair is a great way for students to discover new classes they never knew about and meet new people.

“Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a club, but never knew where to start or who to talk to. The course fair is s great way to find new places to be apart of and make new friends,” said Reed.

Academic Decathlon will also be holding a booth at the course fair. In the past, the AcaDec team has had a successful tenure here at Lake Ridge including competing in state last year. Sponsor, Mr. Brandon Austin, encourages students to join AcaDec and improve their intellectual abilities.

AcaDec student, Nadira Noor, believes it would be incredibly beneficial for students to join AcaDec, not only because of the friendships you form but how much you learn.

“AcaDec is unlike any other class because it’s filled with a variety of A, B, and C students. Despite the GPA differences, we all work together as a team to practice and be the best we can be. Plus, it’s a weighted class and Mr. Austin teaches it so you’re guaranteed to have a fun time,” said Noor.

Emma Cruz, Lake Ridge freshman, thinks this is a great opportunity to be exposed to other classes.

“I just think it’d be good for us. We can see new clubs that maybe we didn’t know existed and join more AP classes,” said Cruz.

All in all, this year’s course fair will be an exciting way for our Lake Ridge students to explore new opportunities at school. Make sure to stop by the Journalism booth while at the course fair to learn more about Newspaper, Broadcast, and Yearbook.