MISD Wifi Held Hostage


Trieu Tran

A student goes to the Lake Ridge website.

Starting Feb. 1, all MISD students will be required to log in the WiFi with their MISD username and password every 90 minuets. On Jan. 24, the MISD district sent all students and teachers informing us of this new policy.

Some students may not know that one of the main reasons that they are making this new policy is to help with security of our districts network.

“Last year the district was attacked by a RansomWare virus. RansomWare virus is a malicious software that takes hold of your files until you pay a sum of money. Several schools lost everything.” MISD Mobile Device Technician for Lake Ridge High School, Tyler Dean said.

Because of this very serious virus, the district is taking steps to prevent this from happening again. Which is why all of the schools in Mansfield will be doing this process called Authenticating.

“So the districts is taking steps to improve on our network security. Every time someone authenticates with the MISD network, a log is kept of simply who and where someone has logged in. The log won’t be monitored 24/7 or anything but can be accessed if necessary.” Dean explained.

The process of Authenticating is very important for our security safety and it will definitely help with Virus’s from affecting our soft ware.