Wifi Authentication Fails to Launch


Across the MISD School District, classes came to a screeching halt due to the newest wifi authentication policy integrated to stop a virus called RansomWare.

The new policy will require students to login to the MISD server every 90 minutes.  The launch, scheduled for Feb. 1, created havoc throughout every high school and middle school MISD campus.  The authentication refused to allow students or faculty access to the wifi server.

Andy Chen, Campus Support Technician at Lake Ridge High School, claimed the issue came as a surprise.

“There was a problem we didn’t foresee happening. We couldn’t have a large number of students logged into the wifi at the same time,” Chen explained.

Students at Lake Ridge and Ben Barber noticed the problem immediately.

“I had noticed that the wifi was having a little trouble during first period, so I had just switched to LTE because I had service. But in my second period, which is credit recovery, is where I noticed how bad it really was,” said Justin Walters, senior.  “I had logged in to my computer and tried to get on the credit recovery site and it just said ‘page can’t be accessed.’ I looked around and realized everyone in the class had a similar screen. Most of the class spent the first 10 minutes or more of class trying to get logged on.”

Students with morning Ben Barber classes noticed the interruption as well.

“My first class on A days is a business class in which most of our work is performed and turned in online. When the new wifi was activated it caused my computer to lose internet connection and reset my progress on my work to nothing,” explained Nicholas Cyr, junior.

Students also feel as though the school district should be more responsible.

Kenia Mendoza, freshman, stated, “I was really frustrated about the situation.  I had homework and couldn’t turn it in.  I feel like the district should be more responsible about it with the school wifi.”

The faculty at Lake Ridge were disrupted by the outrage as well.

George Olsen, Creative Writing teacher at Lake Ridge, stated that the wifi had a major impact on his class. “In the middle of my lesson my computer went down to a point to where I didn’t know what was happening. Having not read the e-mail the day before, I was not prepared for the jolt,” Olsen commented.

Chen reassures Lake Ridge students that the issue has been resolved for now.

“When the students return on Feb. 2, they can expect the system to be reset to the previous settings.  They district will attempt to rectify the authentication problem and relaunch at a later date,” said Chen.